Porsche powerplay: Drivers blaze jaw-dropping path from Bangkok to Singapore

In a revved-up feat of automotive prowess, a dynamic team of Porsche drivers left automobile enthusiasts awe-struck as they blazed a trail from Bangkok, Thailand to the guts of Singapore in a jaw-dropping sub-30-hour sprint.
Refund , hailing from Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand, took the wheel of a cutting-edge Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo within the small hours of June 18, to etch their names into the document books.
The stage was set, and the Taycan underwent meticulous checks to make sure peak efficiency for this audacious record-breaking attempt. At the daybreak, the engines roared to life because the journey commenced, spanning a broad ranging 1,845 kilometres from the outskirts of Bangkok to the picturesque Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.
Fuelled by their shared passion and unwavering willpower, the intrepid drivers tirelessly swapped positions, with no more than 25 minute pit stops at the Shell Recharge High-Performance Charger (HPC) network to recharge their electric steed’s batteries. Powered by a 270kW DC quick charging capability, the Taycan harnessed the complete potential of the 180kW and 360kW chargers, pushing the boundaries of sustainable mobility.
As the clock ticked and the rubber burnt, the adrenaline-fueled odyssey culminated in a blistering time of simply 29 hours, 15 minutes, and four seconds—averaging a staggering 63km/h all through the gruelling expedition, reported Asia One.
The record-smashing achievement has been formally recognized by the Singapore Book of Records and the Malaysia Book of Records, solidifying their place in the automotive hall of fame.
Andre Brand, the General Manager of Porsche Singapore, hailed the drivers and their collaborative partners, including Shell Recharge, ABB E-Mobility, Michelin, and TAG Heuer, for this historic accomplishment.
“This outstanding achievement underlines Porsche’s ambition to be pioneers for sustainable mobility, pushing the limits of what’s possible.”
Doong Shiwen, General Manager of Mobility Singapore at Shell, echoed Brand’s sentiment, praising the document as a testament to Shell’s unwavering commitment to providing top-notch charging services throughout Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
This awe-inspiring voyage has not solely set new data however has ignited a fervour for electric automotive fanatics worldwide. As the automotive trade surges in course of a greener future, the Porsche Taycan 4S Cross Turismo has firmly planted itself at the forefront of revolutionary electrical performance..

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