Bangkok governor self-rates 5/10, admits undelivered insurance policies in first year

Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt has rated his performance as 5 out of 10 after completing his first yr in office. Despite facing criticism for his lack of achievements, Chadchart, who received the election by a landslide on May 22 last year, mentioned it was a matter of opinion.
During Hilarious at City Hall yesterday, Chadchart admitted that he had been unable to ship on eleven insurance policies and had to suspend different projects deemed impractical. The suspended initiatives embrace plans to establish lactation rooms and cell libraries in communities. Traffic and concrete financial management were additionally among the undelivered policies.
The Bangkok governor additionally acknowledged issues arising between his group and City Hall officers.
“The officials may have found we’re moving somewhat too rapidly. To address these issues, extra know-how might be launched to eliminate working limitations with officers and facilitate public companies.
The fifty seven yr previous Bangkok governor is also contemplating increasing on-line providers, such as Traffy Fondue, to assist with license applications. Traffy Fondue, an app developed in 2021, has been used in several cities, including Bangkok, to lodge complaints and resolve issues rapidly.
Chadchart remains confident that his work through the remaining three years as governor will exceed public expectations. He emphasised that he assigns equal priority to both community-level initiatives and large-scale metropolis insurance policies, Bangkok Post reported.
A NIDA poll on June 4 revealed that 75% of respondents had been pleased with the 17th governor of Bangkok’s performance, with 47% fairly happy and 27% very pleased. However, 14% stated they have been quite unhappy, whereas 10% claimed they had been very sad.
Chadchart acknowledged that he wouldn’t change his present group of top-level executives at City Hall, together with the deputy governors he personally chosen. He added that he would ensure meritocracy is adopted when considering promotions of officials and that swift motion is taken in opposition to unfair transfers..

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