What advantages does a cable box have for submersible pressure sensors?

A cable box for submersible pressure sensors for level detection is an inconspicuous and simple accessory. With its help, the installation costs for certain measuring locations can be significantly reduced.
Submersible pressure sensors measure the hydrostatic pressure of a liquid, from which the level in a vessel or open container is calculated. The pressure sensors, therefore, remain continuously immersed in the respective liquid.
For this reason, submersible pressure sensors must be absolutely leak-tight. Of course, this also applies to the cable, so that reliable signal transmission is ensured. Because of this capability, cables for submersible pressure sensors are significantly more expensive than standard connection cables. Now, Serene is by no means rare that the measuring location is located far away from the evaluation unit. It is quite possible, for example, that the user needs a 200 metre long cable, even though the level to be measured is only a maximum of 5 metres. Bridging the entire distance using a submersible pressure sensor cable would mean a considerable investment.
A cable box combines standard cables and those from submersible pressure sensors to form a cost-saving connection between measuring location and evaluation unit.
Cable box enables cost-effective connection
In such cases, a cable box for submersible pressure sensors pays off. Inside this accessory, the expensive submersible pressure sensor cable can be connected via a terminal block to an inexpensive standard cable for further signal transmission.
The cable box is installed outside a tank or open container: either fixed to a wall with screws or lying horizontally on the tank.
In addition to the inlets for the two cables, the box has a ventilation element with a membrane foil. This component guarantees pressure compensation in the case and at the same time prevents the penetration of moisture.
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