Man neglects cigarette, burns down house, is overwhelmed by neighbours

Even dearer than the brand new cigarette tax, a burning cigarette left unattended caused a man’s house in Si Racha to burn down and his relations and neighbours to bodily assault him after studying he caused the hearth. The cigarette was reported to have been left burning which resulted in a hearth that rapidly spread and destroyed the whole residence.
The fireplace occurred on Monday afternoon around 1 pm in Surasak and firefighters from the Chao Phraya Surasak hearth station were dispatched immediately. They arrived to a small wooden residential residence that was engulfed in flames and quickly burning. Firefighters jump to work quickly to comprise the fireplace in about 10 minutes, preventing it from spreading to 7 other at-risk homes close by.
Although the firefighters had been able to management and put out the blaze, the home, which was very small – constructed almost entirely out of wood – was completely destroyed. The 38 12 months previous man who owns the home did manage to get out in time, telling reporters that he had stepped exterior and neglected a burning cigarette that he left inside the house.
The house owner escaped the fire while avoiding any injury. That is till his angry neighbours stepped in.
His relatives and the neighbours had been very upset with him for being so careless with his cigarette and permitting the house to burn, and so they feared however the hearth was going to jump to their homes close by. They kicked off with verbal arguments however the shouting soon escalated to bodily assaults. The firefighters nonetheless on the scene had to step in so as to separate the neighbours from the man.
During the bodily altercation where the home-owner did endure some minor injuries, some neighbours claimed that the man set the fireplace on objective however when police questioned them they admitted they’d no proof of any such sinister plot.
When บริการติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ราคาถูก is claimed and carried out, there have been no quick files charged in opposition to the person for his careless burning down of the house, nor for the neighbours who physically assaulted him. The police said they may investigate the fire further to see if there’s any validity to the claims of arson.
SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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