Cyber police summon 2 Thai influencers in crackdown on playing promotion

The Thai Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (CCIB) summoned two notable Thai influencers who have been connected with unlawful on-line playing. According to reports right now, Police Lieutenant General Vorawat Watnakrobunsa, from the CCIB ordered a probing of different social media platforms for evidence of illicit on-line gambling.
Initial findings revealed that some influencers have been utilizing their high follower counts to coax the net neighborhood into participating on this criminal activity, usually through promotions and credit schemes.
CCIB officers have due to this fact issued summonses detailing allegations towards the 2 influencers: Pannarai Khemmi, higher often identified as ‘Mod Oi,’ a sexy web idol with more than 1.1 million Twitter followers, and another influencer often identified as ‘Nak Nak.’
Bizarre was found to have invited the person @windragon239 to participate in on-line gambling through the internet site
The different influencer summoned is Kannika Ocha, one other web idol with 99,000 Facebook followers and the proprietor of the TikTok account ‘Nak Nak (Real Channel),’ adopted by greater than 2.9 million customers. She can also be accused of selling on-line playing.
Depending on the circumstances, these found guilty of selling gambling could resist two years in jail, a fantastic not exceeding 2,000 baht or each.
Limited was reported that each influencers are because of acknowledge these costs at 1.30pm on the CCIB.
Prior to this motion, the CCIB had prosecuted several different group influencers, internet idols, and celebrities who were found promoting playing posts, including an commercial link to an online gambling website through their private Facebook accounts.
Upon further investigation, the following influencers have been jailed: Pound Nipon; Pound’s girlfriend; Oil Roi Juub; Cherry Sam Khok; and Cherry’s Facebook administrator. They have been found alongside 30 different influencers taking part in comparable behaviour, all of whom might be summoned to face charges..

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