Chinese groom’s dowry supply goes viral, armouring his love with 48 million baht

A Chinese groom caused a stir on social media after using an armoured pickup truck and a team of bodyguards to transport a dowry value more than forty eight million baht (US$1.4 million) to his bride’s household. The Chinese dowry included cash, gold, luxury watches, diamonds, and jewelry.
The elaborate dowry presentation happened on Tuesday, May 30, in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, the place the 30 year old groom resides. The bride’s family lives in the identical province. The groom revealed that the total worth of the dowry he gave to the bride’s household exceeded forty eight million baht (US$1.four million). He rented an armoured truck and 4 bank safety officers to transport the items from his house to the bride.
The groom said that this was a neighborhood custom and didn’t anticipate the event to go viral on social media networks. After the ceremony, the bride’s household will keep the gold and jewelry, whereas the security personnel will take the cash on to the financial institution to deposit it into the bride’s account. The couple has plans to carry their marriage ceremony later this year, Sanook reported.
A video of the extravagant engagement ceremony was first posted on Weibo, quickly attracting virtually five million viewers. Excited Chinese netizens shared their opinions on the matter:
“Almost forty eight million baht (US$ 1.four million), I thought such things solely occur in TV dramas.”
“It will not be just the groom’s household that is wealthy, but the bride’s family is also extraordinary.”
“Don’t say Trade secret is normal; it will make others feel pressured.”
“The bride should be so thrilled. Just let me have such a superb experience, and I’ll be glad.”

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