Buckle up! New law makes taxis guarantee passenger wear security belt

Copy up! An announcement requiring taxi drivers to warn their passengers to wear their security belts has been issued and can become efficient in November. The announcement was published in the Royal Gazette, yesterday, August 7.
The warning was declared by the National Police Office, which goals to determine a safety practice for taxi drivers in notifying and guaranteeing that passengers obey security laws and put on their seat belts. The National Police Chief, Damrongsak Kittiprapas, signed the ruling.
The crucial gist of the announcement highlights the appropriateness of creating a normal for each public motorists and autos for rent used to transport passengers. This includes alerting passengers or offering notifications in these vehicles to adjust to security belt laws and protected standing or sitting protocols for certain forms of autos.
This new implementation focuses on taxis and public transportation over non-public automobiles. A regulation update last yr meant that, from September 5, the motive force and all passengers – including these within the back seat – are required by legislation to put on a safety belt, in accordance with the Road Traffic Act (No.13) 2022. Previous legal guidelines solely required the driving force and front row passengers to strap in.
This apply aims to advertise safety throughout driving and using, under the power supplied in Section 123/3 of the Land Transport Act B.E. 1979, as amended by the Land Traffic Act (No. 13), BE 2022. Consequently, the National Police Chief issued the related announcement calling for passengers in vehicles to comply with the Safety Belt Act BE 2023.
The declaration will come into effect ninety days after the publication date within the Royal Gazette – November 6. It stipulates that drivers of public autos underneath the Motor Vehicle Act or vehicles used for passenger transportation for rent beneath the Land Transport Act must give a warning or organize for a warning to guarantee that passengers in such automobiles comply as follows:
three.1. In any case of automobiles required to put in safety belts on all seats as declared by the Director-General of the Department of Land Transport, a warning should be given or organized for to ensure that all passengers within the automobile should tie the protection belt on the seat always in the course of the experience and comply as follows:
three.2. In instances of autos required to put in safety belts solely on the entrance row seats as declared by the Director-General of the Department of Land Transport, a warning should be given or organized for so that passengers sitting within the entrance row seats must tie the protection belt onto their seat at all times through the ride. Moreover, a warning should be given or organized for a warning to ensure that all passengers comply..

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